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Emotional First Aid Kit


About Emokit

Emokit is an emotional first aid kit helps user to stop emotional bleeding. It is a timely platform aims to let users get out from the bad emotion and paretic to control emotion in long-term. Through reflecting and answering the questions, the users will understand about what their brain is thinking and what aspect affect them to have this emotion and try to accept the negative emotion and think positive.

User Research


The survey aims to collect potential users' opinions on my project topic. Most of the respondents responded that the concept is great and it is worth solving.


Employees and students were the two sorts of users I looked into. I noticed that encouraging characters may increase customers' willingness to utilize the product by knowing their stories, wants, and aspirations.


UX Theme & mood bar

The UX theme help me to find out what function and information I can provide to my users.

Site map

I seperated the app in to three parts. It helps me to build up the app structure.



Making the wireframe helps me to understand each page's structure and user flow.

User Testing

The user testing helps me to avoid bias when I make the prototype. I can know what other users think and make the app universally.

How it work


Start Emotional
First Aid


Relax before answering questions


Answer questions


Get your Award!


Dress up with your Elf!

emokit website photo-09.png


Check out the prototype to experience the Emotional First Aid Kit!

Elf testing1 -08_edited.png

Let's check it out!

Screen short of the app

iPhone 12, 12 Pro – Mobile Main Page – 1.png
iPhone 12, 12 Pro – Mobile relaxsation – 4.png
iPhone 12, 12 Pro – Mobile question page – 18.png
iPhone 12, 12 Pro – Mobile Achivement – 5.png
iPhone 12, 12 Pro – Mobile Elf’s home – 1.png
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