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Minitch is minimal and modern watch that can mix and match with different style. It is different with other watches, the dial is printed on the Plexi crystal.


Minimal watch


The inspiration for SDW-01 comes from my city – Hong Kong. Hong Kong is a fast-paced city, everyone does not have time to calm down and take a rest. It makes me think of Zen, a form of calm and focuses. The dial is printed on the Plexi crystal which you have to stop to read the time.

About SDW - 01


The watch had chosen by my tutor to produce the retail products and sell on SDWORKS, which is a platform assisting students from The Hong Kong Polytechnic University School of Design to launch their ideas into the market. I had to modify some details of the watch before the production.

Screenshot 2022-06-03 at 5.03.38 PM.png
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