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Styled home product to improve the indoor living quality.


Nowadays, nano flats have become common in a high population density city; therefore, planting has become a luxury decoration. Tuplant combines lighting and planting to turn into a home-style product to improve the indoor living quality and save space.

Research - Planting

Benefits of planting in indoor

Planting indoors helps us to improve our living quality and heal ourselves. Below are some benefits that planting indoors:

• Relax

• Assist in breathing

• Help deter illness

• Boost healing

• Clean the air

• Help people work better

Types of Plants

Different types of plants can help us in a different ways. For example, some plants take in carbon dioxide at night and some of them can help people sleep better.

Nano-flat has become very popular in some high population density cities. In Hong Kong, nano-flat has a significant increase in private domestic flats. As a result, planting has become a luxury in nano homes.

Research - Spacing


Potential space for planting

Through studying nano home pictures, there are some spaces that might be able to plant:

• Light

• Ceiling

• Window

• Wall

Space Studies

It is important to find out the most suitable plants for the different home areas; therefore, I try to study the environment and find out the space opportunities for plants.

After the research, I started to think of different ideas and I chose three directions to develop my products:

• Bookshelf

• Light

• Hydroponic on wall

Ideas Development

Design direction

I considered that users might want the product to be more flexible; therefore, I come up with an idea that can transform into light or wall hydroponic.

Form Development

After confirming the design direction, I start drawing and testing my design. I would like to design a curvey shape product to match the plant, so I chose triplet to be my design inspiration.

Final Design

Tuplant Collection

The core of the Tuplant is a shell. It can transform into different home products using different parts.

It can transform into three different products:

• Tuplant Wall

   Hydroponics Wall Decoration

• Tuplant Lamp

   Bedside lamp with plants

• Tuplant Floor Lamp

  Floor lamp with plants

Screenshot 2022-07-07 at 2.41.39 PM.png
Screenshot 2022-07-07 at 2.41.52 PM.png

How to use

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