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Styled home product to improve the indoor living quality.


In contemporary high-density urban living, nano flats have become a prevalent housing option, making greenery a luxury decor. Tuplant ingeniously merges lighting and planting, transforming into a household product that enhances indoor living quality while optimizing space utilization.

Research - Planting

Benefits of planting in indoor

Planting indoors can improve our living quality and healing. Below are some benefits that planting indoors:

• Relax

• Assist in breathing

• Help deter illness

• Boost healing

• Clean the air

• Help people work better

Types of Plants

Various types of plants offer unique benefits. For instance, certain plants absorb carbon dioxide during the night, while others are known to promote better sleep in individuals.

Nano-flats have gained considerable popularity in high population density cities, with Hong Kong experiencing a significant surge in private domestic nano-flats. Consequently, incorporating plants has evolved into a luxury within these compact living spaces.

Research - Spacing


Potential space for planting

Through studying nano home, there are some spaces that might be able to plant:

• Light

• Ceiling

• Window

• Wall

Space Studies

It is important to find out the most suitable plants for the different home areas; therefore, I try to study the environment and find out the space opportunities for plants.

After the research, I started to think of different ideas and I chose three directions to develop my products:

• Bookshelf

• Light

• Hydroponic on wall

Ideas Development

Design direction

I considered that users might want the product to be more flexible; therefore, I come up with an idea that can transform into light or wall hydroponic.

Form Development

After confirming the design direction, I start drawing and testing my design. I would like to design a curvey shape product to match the plant, so I chose triplet to be my design inspiration.

Final Design

Tuplant Collection

The core of the Tuplant is a shell. It can transform into different home products using different parts.

It can transform into three different products:

• Tuplant Wall

   Hydroponics Wall Decoration

• Tuplant Lamp

   Bedside lamp with plants

• Tuplant Floor Lamp

  Floor lamp with plants

Screenshot 2022-07-07 at 2.41.39 PM.png
Screenshot 2022-07-07 at 2.41.52 PM.png

How to use

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